Custom Graduation Bobbleheads

Custom graduation bobbleheads to celebrate tremendous achievements

It's time to celebrate all the endeavors you (or your grad) have made! And what would be best to remember this special moment? A custom bobblehead graduation doll!

Think of these replicas as tiny, playful tributes to the graduate's momentous occasion, immortalized in figure form. And what's even better? Our bobbleheads for graduation are made to order, so no two dolls will ever be the same.

Whether you, your kid, or your friend is graduating from high school or college, this amusing look-alike will perfectly capture your or the giftee's personality. You can choose the doll's haircut and skin tone and customize the body, caps, gowns, and extras. If you want to show off your goofy side in the figurine or look solid and suave, you can do it all and even more with Dolls2u!

Why is a custom graduation doll an exciting gift?

Delivering pizzas with a time machine may no longer be an option. But you can still turn back the clock with a graduation bobblehead crafted by Dolls2u. With a few clicks, you can recreate the grad's smile, hairdo, and outfit – all frozen in time, now and forever.

And don't forget the added benefits! Your doll can be used to:

  • Celebrate the grad's milestone in a unique way
  • Bring fun memories back every time the grad sees it
  • Keep their personality alive when they go off to college
  • Make them feel special with a personalized piece
  • Start a collection of stuff that may expand as significant life events accumulate

Our graduation bobblehead dolls are handcrafted with precision. We use the highest-quality Poly Resin for the head, so even the graduate's grandchildren can admire the figurine portraying their progenitor's best days.

Giving the grad something that's so out-of-the-way is like gifting an extra slice of nostalgia. But who doesn't like to get sentimental and recall one of their biggest milestones?

How to get your personalized graduation bobblehead?

Making a custom doll with Dolls2u is easy as pie – and way more fun than snatching a pre-made trinket. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Choose a doll style from the gallery.
  • 2. Email or upload pictures that capture the graduate's personality. These can include any photos – from ceremony pictures to selfies. The critical point is that they must convey all features you want to portray in a graduation bobblehead. If you wish to highlight any detail (from the photos), please be clear about it in the comments.
  • 3. Select colors and any add-ons using the online form.
  • 4. Finally, add a personalized message so the grad can keep receiving good vibes even after they've graduated.

Let us get to work during the next 2-3 weeks (standard time) to produce your keepsake and deliver it to your doorstep. After that, all you need is a mortarboard and gown. You or your giftee will be ready to walk across the stage with pride – and an awesome custom graduation bobblehead from Dolls2u!

Don't see a model you like?

Why Choose Us

1. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
2. Best Quality Likeness
3. Most Detailed Painting
4. Free Proofing
5. Free Color modification
6. Secure Shopping

About Proofing

We proudly offer FREE approvals in the different stages during the creation of your bobble head. Changes can be made like making the nose wider or lips thinner - this means a great deal when sculpting your doll to ensure satisfaction.

During the process, we send head proofs, body proofs ( fully personalized bobbleheads) and final proofs to your email. Each step can be approved or modified, if a change is requested, we will amend the doll and provide a new proof - if it is approved we will move towards another proof. As approvals are received, we turn it into a poly resin head, we can not move backwards.

About The Size

Most of our custom bobble heads are between 6.5 Inch - 7.7 Inch.

About The Color

If you want to change the clothes color, you can describe on the comment. we can change the bobbleheads' color for free.

About Shipping

Usually you can get your custom bobbleheads in 20 days, If you want to get it faster, you can choose the "Faster Sculpting" or "Fastest Sculpting" options.