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  • how to order a custom bobblehead step 1 : choose your bobblehead body style

    STEP 1

    Choose a body and upload a photo!

  • how to order a custom bobblehead step 2 : review & approve your bobblehead

    STEP 2

    We create and you approve your bobblehead!

  • how to order a custom bobblehead step 3 : enjoy your bobblehead

    STEP 3

    Enjoy your bobblehead or give as gift!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Order a custom bobblehead doll

Surprise your loved ones with an exclusive head-nodding doll that fully mirrors their face. Explore our sample designs and choose the best one for your family members, colleagues, or friends. If you can't find the perfect match, we can craft a custom 3D bobblehead from scratch (yes, this rhymes).

Track the details

Customizing a bobblehead online shouldn't feel like playing the lottery. As soon as we start working on your doll, you'll receive in-progress photos to watch the concept come to life. Let us know if anything needs to be changed, and we'll rework your figurine at no extra cost to ensure it looks just right.

Approve when it's perfect

Zoom in on the final version of your bobblehead before we ship it to you. We'll carefully pack and send it when all facial adjustments and body modifications are made, and you finally say 'Yes' to the doll. You can also choose a surprise delivery option to the recipient's house - we charge no fee for that!

Custom bobbleheads that are always appropriate

Receiving a bobblehead as a creative birthday or congratulatory promotion gift is like a breath of fresh air for people who are into fun. Just imagine your friend's face when you give them a tiny replica of their childhood superhero or themselves. This is a super-catching gift for anyone, especially those with a great sense of humor.

Gifts aside, our custom-made bobblehead dolls can also become the icing on the cake of your figurine collection or replace traditional family portraits with true-to-life 3D models of all family members.

How to order a unique bobblehead at Dolls2u

Crafting a custom figurine doesn't require any over-the-top effort or designer skills from your side. All you need to do is make sure we are on the same page about your doll. You can do this in just 3 steps:

Decide who your bobblehead is
Is it a good friend of yours or your celebrity crush in some recognizable outfit? A static figurine or a doll in motion? Alone or with other people? Then, it's up to you to imbue your bobblehead with any custom features, from the outfit and occupation to facial expressions and signature poses.

Send reference photos
Whether you want an original bobblehead for yourself or someone you hold dear, upload full-body (applicable to dolls sculpted with hyper-realistic body features) or full-face photos. If the figurine is for several people, send group photos in a JPG, PDF, or GIF format (each must be under 2MB). Oh, and you can get a twin doll with 40% off!

Don't skimp on add-ons
When ordering personal bobbleheads online, you don't want to receive something that bears little resemblance to real people. So, be as specific about the details that matter as possible (read the eye color, moles, favorite accessories, and anything else that adds a personalized touch to the figurine). The more information you share, the more realistic the tiny replica will be.

A few notes to keep in mind

We sculpt all in-stock and personalized bobblehead dolls using polyresin. We have chosen this material because of its non-toxic and highly pliable qualities, allowing us to replicate the most intricate details like wrinkles and hairline peculiarities. Hardened polyresin is durable and temperature-resistant, so your figurine will stay with you for years.

If there's something in the photos that you don't want to be replicated in the mini-copy (an outdated hairstyle, for example), mention it when uploading your pictures. This way, we can ensure your doll looks the way you imagine it.

When can you receive your bobblehead?

We know patience may not be your virtue. But we aren't going to stretch your patience by creating a custom-design bobblehead for longer than it takes. The standard production and delivery time is 20 days, which includes detailed reviews, modifications, and item transportation. The sculpting process will be initiated once your order is processed.

To keep track of the progress, you'll receive the first pictures of your doll within 6 days. Adjustments are free and can be requested before packaging and shipping. If you can't wait to present or place the figurine on your shelf, a 10-day express delivery option is available at our bobblehead shop.

Don't see a model you like?

Why Choose Us

1. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
2. Best Quality Likeness
3. Most Detailed Painting
4. Free Proofing
5. Free Color modification
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About Proofing

We proudly offer FREE approvals in the different stages during the creation of your bobble head. Changes can be made like making the nose wider or lips thinner - this means a great deal when sculpting your doll to ensure satisfaction.

During the process, we send head proofs, body proofs ( fully custom bobbleheads) and final proofs to your email. Each step can be approved or modified, if a change is requested, we will amend the doll and provide a new proof - if it is approved we will move towards another proof. As approvals are received, we turn it into a poly resin head, we can not move backwards.

About The Size

Most of our custom bobble heads are between 6.5 Inch - 7.7 Inch.

About The Color

If you want to change the clothes color, you can describe on the comment. we can change the bobbleheads' color for free.

About Shipping

Usually you can get your custom bobbleheads in 20 days, If you want to get it faster, you can choose the "Faster Sculpting" or "Fastest Sculpting" options.