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Custom Birthday & Award Bobbleheads

Mark the occasion with unique birthday & award bobbleheads

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, there's one thing that always fits the bill – a custom bobblehead. These whimsical figurines add a touch of charm and personalization to any event. At Dolls2u, we have taken this art to the next level with our collection of birthday and award bobble heads to turn them into the perfect gift for milestone celebrations.

When someone you love is reaching a milestone B-day, an ordinary gift won't do. That's where a birthday bobblehead comes in. Picture the surprise and delight when they unpack a doll holding a cake or featuring their age. That's a unique and pleasurable way to make their day extra special.

And don't forget about award-winning appreciation. Show your admiration and love with a doll that says it all. Whether it's the Best Boyfriend Award or for someone who deserves recognition for their professional achievements, Dolls2u bobbleheads with awards convey your heartfelt sentiments. Pick and give a memorable token of your respect and gratitude!

Say no to boring dolls

Our birthday figurines and bobble heads for awards come in a range of designs, perfect for any celebration. From B-day cakes to glittering prizes, we can replicate it all, plus a plethora of poses and styles to suit your occasion.

Whether it's a male or female doll you need, you'll find the right one in our collection. What makes these bobbleheads exceptional is the level of personalization included. You can always upload a photograph of the recipient for our experts to check it out and sculpt the face to look just like them. The resemblance will be second to none, so it's a completely personalized memento that they'll receive as a gift from you.

A custom bobble head for the birthday from Dolls2u is more than just a little thing they can place on their desk. Our unique figurines are something the recipient has never received yet, making it a one-of-a-kind present. This translates into a gift to be remembered and laughed at for years.

Celebrate with style and personality

Our dolls go hand in hand with creativity. Whether you opt for a bobble head cake topper for birthday parties or give one as a standalone gift, they maximize a sense of whimsy and personality during any event.

Make your celebrations memorable with our charming bobbleheads. You won't have to wait for one forever. At Dolls2u, we have arranged our process for a 20-day delivery. That's long enough for our specialists to craft your doll with care and precision, so every detail is unbeatable. From the initial sculpting to the final touches, we take the time to ensure your bobblehead meets our high-quality standards. We will even modify your figurine based on your recommendations as you inspect it during creation.

Ready to add a dash of charm and personalization to the upcoming event? Order a bobble head for a birthday celebration or an award-inspired figurine from Dolls2u. Capture the spirit of the occasion and create unforgettable memories!

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Why Choose Us

1. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
2. Best Quality Likeness
3. Most Detailed Painting
4. Free Proofing
5. Free Color modification
6. Secure Shopping

About Proofing

We proudly offer FREE approvals in the different stages during the creation of your bobble head. Changes can be made like making the nose wider or lips thinner - this means a great deal when sculpting your doll to ensure satisfaction.

During the process, we send head proofs, body proofs ( fully custom bobbleheads) and final proofs to your email. Each step can be approved or modified, if a change is requested, we will amend the doll and provide a new proof - if it is approved we will move towards another proof. As approvals are received, we turn it into a poly resin head, we can not move backwards.

About The Size

Most of our custom bobble heads are between 6.5 Inch - 7.7 Inch.

About The Color

If you want to change the clothes color, you can describe on the comment. we can change the bobbleheads' color for free.

About Shipping

Usually you can get your custom bobbleheads in 20 days, If you want to get it faster, you can choose the "Faster Sculpting" or "Fastest Sculpting" options.