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  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Love my dolls!

    "Can’t say enoght about what a wonderful job that Dolls2U did for me. I have a large request for about 26 individual dolls that I needed in just a few weeks time. I was kept updated with photos of the progress and was able to make changes and adjustments throughout the process. The dolls arrived quickly and looked FANTASTIC! I can’t wait to give them to my team. I’m so impressed with how great they look and how quickly they were completed. I will definitely order again. Thank you!!"
    03/19/2019 by keltex67
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Amazing quality and customer service!!

    "I ordered a customized graduation doll on Sunday, May 12 2019 for a graduation I was attending on Saturday, May 18 2019. I had a small ounce of hope that if I ordered expedited on the sculpting and shipment that I could possibly receive it in time and pray that the quality was up to par with minimal mistakes made. I sent a separate message to the customer service email and explained my situation and dire need to have this bobble head with my multiple customizations delivered by Friday, May 17 2019. Aggie was very responsive, accommodating, and assured me I would have this by the time of graduation. My bobblehead was delivered by Thursday, May 16 2019 in great condition and with all of the specifications I requested. It looks just like my husband too! I am so grateful to this company and their dedication to their work and word. Thank you so much and I will definitely spread the good word and do business with you in the future!"
    05/20/2019 by Love Life
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    I like it

    "I like the bobble head. It looks like him and it’s a good size and quality."
    06/16/2019 by WesleyLewis
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Absolutely amazing!

    "Bought my Dad a bobble head for an occasion and I couldn’t believe how good it was. I’ve never seen him laugh so much. Fast delivery, Aggie got in touch with me throughout every step of making the bobble head to make sure I was happy with it. At first I thought it was a bit expensive but now I see exactly why it’s the price it is. Couldn’t have had a better experience!"
    06/21/2019 by Chloe0624
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    I am THRILLED with the result

    "The bobble head looks just like him and it bobbles! It was very easy communicating with the people who were making him. They were responsive, and adapted to my late-communication and busy work schedule. It came in time for Christmas, and I couldn't be happier! The shipping was a breeze too. It came a day earlier than predicted, and they even sent a picture of the package by the door to confirm that it came."
    12/23/2019 by LaneyRohlf
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    He loved it!

    "He loved it!"
    12/07/2019 by Sylvie Bourdon
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Thank you

    "Thank you its beautiful she loved it"
    11/12/2019 by nicole elazab
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    He loved it!

    "Made his birthday even happier. He loved it! Thanks so much"
    11/12/2019 by Dolan
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    my buddy loves his new little Buddy

    "Thanks again Aggie my buddy loves his new little Buddy"
    11/12/2019 by Don
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review

    "Great product and it came a little early. Much better than I anticipated and they communicated the entire time at each step to ensure I was getting what I wanted. "
    11/02/2019 by Christina M.
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Highly recommended!!

    "My fiancé ordered these for his groomsmen and they turned out awesome!! Aggie emailed us before they were painted to make sure everything was correct and again after they were painted to make sure again! She dealt with our picky little changes about facial hair, glasses and eye color. She was awesome! Highly, highly recommended!!"
    02/01/2019 by nicole king
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    It turned out amazing!

    "We are so happy with this cake topper. It turned out amazing!"
    01/16/2019 by Lucy
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review

    "Perfect! Our groomsmen are going to love it!"
    01/15/2019 by Mindy Wilmot
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Great product!!

    "Great product, got continuous feedback throughout the whole process, and shipped on time."
    01/14/2019 by Kiernan McCullough
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Super fast shipment!!!

    "Artist produced an outstanding likeness. Great communication throughout the entire process. Smooth transaction...super fast shipment!!!"
    01/14/2019 by coustic31
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    This turned out AMAZING!!

    "This turned out AMAZING!! It was better than I ever imagined!!"
    01/13/2019 by kathyc305
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    It was very cute.

    "It was very cute. They customized the jersey with my son's #, adorable! I paid for express shipping and it was really fast."
    01/13/2019 by rhh12
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    It came out perfectly!

    "It came out perfectly! These people are very patient, and work with you to make sure you're absolutely happy. I would definitely use them again!"
    01/12/2019 by Whitney Hayes
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review

    "Absolutely perfect!"
    08/22/2019 by Elizabeth Tindal
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Highly recommend.

    "The person I spoke to was very quick with response and extremely helpful. She sent me pictures every step of the way and always asked whether I was satisfied with the doll before moving to the next stage. And if not, I was allowed to make any changes and arrangements to the structure and colours of the doll. Extremely helpful, polite and informative. Shipping was super fast too. The bobblehead also arrived tightly sealed making it practically impossible to break during shipping and handling, which was perfect! Highly recommend. If I ever need to make another bobblehead, I'll definitely turn to this company again."
    09/22/2019 by Martina
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