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  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Custom Wedding Bobblehead

    "Aggie was timely. Responded quickly. Sent me pictures of the process along the way. Shipped quickly. I can't wait to put my bobblehead on my wedding cake."
    08/10/2017 by dcarnovsky
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Excellent artistry and support!

    "Artistes exceeded our expectations in likeness to photo for bobblehead, and very impressed with communication and service from Aggie in sales."
    12/27/2018 by Cnunez
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review

    "Loved the final product. Thanks Aggie for your patience and promptness."
    08/15/2017 by MK
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    I don't think it could have been any better

    "I never write reviews but in this case, I made an exception. Excellent service. My questions were quickly answered and the process of uploading pictures and choosing the doll was quick and easy. The prototype was surprisingly quickly made and a picture of it emailed to me for my approval. The bobblehead doll i received was very well made and a very close likeness. Most importantly, great care was taken to make sure that the bobblehead dolls were not damaged during shipping (the amount of bubble wrap was almost over-kill!!!). Highly recommend!!!!"
    08/03/2019 by Kyshenia
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Wonderful work

    "The Bobblehead I purchased looks great!! Thank you so much! I have gotten several comments about where i found such an item and I've given your website to a few folks. Thank you i will always recommend you guys! This is going to be the best gift ever for a boss and it looks just like him! The. Craftsmanship is outstanding. Couldn't have asked for anything better."
    09/01/2017 by Gingergal
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Highly recommended

    "I just received my custom bobblehead. I have not yet had a chance to give it to the person it was made of/for, but I couldn't wait to write you. This bobblehead is simply amazing! It looks EXACTLY like my boss. Even the outfit is something he's seen in regularly. Our company logo printed on the chest and the lettering on the foundation look wonderful! I'm really excited to give this gift to my boss for our company anniversary. He's done so much for me and I have been hard-pressed to figure out something to give him to show my appreciation other than just words. I hope he loves it as much as I do! I'll be sure to let you know if he does. Thank you so much, Aggie! This bobblehead was worth every penny and you were so wonderful to work with. I couldn't recommend Dolls2U highly enough. This is legit. You may see all of these great testimonials and think it's BS, but it's not. This is the real deal and as someone who works incessantly, I'm just blown away by Aggie. She does all of thi"
    09/06/2017 by Casey
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Two Great Bobbleheads

    "When I ordered two bobbleheads, one face shot for each individual was provided. I was really impressed with the final products. Not only were the bobbleheads great, the service was exceptional. Aggie sent photos of the heads for approval and kept me informed about progress. I was very pleased by how quickly my order was processed and would recommend Dolls2u for anyone who wants a custom bobblehead, the perfect gift for someone who has everything."
    09/11/2017 by Ken
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Dad LOVED his Bobble Head of Himself

    "We ordered the bobblehead from Dolls2U for my father-in-law's 75th birthday. The process was great! I sent the photos, I received emails several times from Aggie to "approve" each step of the way. I asked her to make a few minor changes and she did. The final product is amazing. It really looks just like him and HE thought so too, that's the most important part. Thanks for helping to make his 75th a little more special with this unique gift!"
    12/27/2017 by kriscor
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Amazing product

    "We sent a picture of our friend to Dolls2u and they kept us informed from start to finish. We received the Bobble head and it was damaged but when I emailed them back about it they sent us another one with NO QUESTIONS ASK in a timely matter since it was a Christmas gift. The person receiving it was Amazed on how much it looked like him. If you want to give someone a gift that is UNIQUE and no one else has, give the a Bobble head from DOLL2U. They will give you what you want."
    12/30/2017 by Jamie
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Amazing customer service

    "I had a problem with the first doll they where going to send me, and they fixed it immediately. So impressed with how they reacted to my dismay on how it looked after we talked. Very pleased in the end with how it turned out! Thanks so much!"
    01/20/2018 by Monica
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Wonderful Personal Bobbleheads!!

    "I came across Dolls2u about 5 years ago when I was looking to give a very personal gift to a friend of mine, and since then, I have ordered about 30 Bobbleheads from them! The reason why I keep coming back is because they do great work! I have had the pleasure to work with Aggie over there, who will walk you through every step of the bobble head making process. I love that they will send proofs for approval at every stage and give you the freedom to make changes as you wish along the way. They will also have promo codes, where you can get up to 10% off and free shipping on orders over $200. I have had a lot of positive feedback from my friends and family who I give the bobble heads to as gifts. It has truly been a pleasure working with Aggie and the Dolls2u crew. I will continue to do business with them and look forward to more fantastic bobbleheads. Kurt-Eastvale CA USA"
    05/03/2018 by Kurt
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review

    "my first time to ordered my little brother's bobblehead for his graduate college. its amazing to see his face is real. thank you so much I will use website often so I love it and gave you a best rate stars!"
    05/15/2018 by Dmacale
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Happy Chef

    "My son was graduating from college this week and I wanted to surprise him with his very own bobble head. Not only did it come out looking just like him, I received it quickly. Everyone loved it! Thank you!!!"
    05/20/2018 by Evelyn
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Anniversary Gift

    "I ordered a bobbleheads for my husband,for our 1st Anniversary. From the moment i did my order,he was very helpful and flexible with any changes i made.The whole process was so fast that i still have 10more days to our Anniversary date.I got them 2days ago.They was nicely wrapped so they don't damage by shipping. I couldn't be happier,i think Aggie made amazing job."
    05/20/2018 by Katie
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Uncle's Birthday gift.

    "Aggie's work is beautiful and her customer service correspondence back and forth with me through email was spot-on. My Uncle Willie's bobblehead for his birthday was simply outstanding. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends. Thanks J Chase"
    06/01/2018 by J Chase
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Absolutely awesome!

    "I was ordering a bobble head for a friend's birthday. Aggie sent me proofs and was very responsive to my inquiries. Once I got the bobble, it had been broken during shipping. I immediately contacted Aggie and a replacement order was underway. I was concerned because I had a deadline to get the item for a birthday party. Aggie was awesome....not only did I receive my item ahead of time, but it was absolutely perfect!!! Awesome craftsmanship and detail. It's rare that there's a company that goes over and above, especially when that company is in another country. Aggie was fantastic throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Dolls2u for anyone that's looking for a unique gift -- you won't be disappointed! Thanks Aggie! You ROCK!"
    06/05/2018 by jantetzlaff
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Make a Memory

    "This Grandma loves to do things for the grandkids...and want to "Make a Memory" with each of them. This is such a unique gift that they will think fondly of grannie when they see it. The service is just plain awesome. I will be doing this again with all of my grandkids. They will remember me long after I am gone. Thanks.!"
    07/03/2018 by slharvey
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review

    "The people at Dolls2U are fantastic. Very soon after uploading a couple of photos, I received a photo back of the sculpted head for my order. It was even better than the photos (my buddy was making a goofy face at the time, yet the bobblehead expression was made perfect). Even more astonishing was the incredibly fast turnaround and delivery. I was a little unsure about the whole process because Dolls2U had the most competitive price around, but as it turns out, their product is right at the very top of quality, and their customer service is superb. Don't hesitate to order your doll from this company, you won't be disappointed."
    11/19/2018 by marty
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Amazing quality

    "These dolls look absolutely amazing. I didn't order a custom one just yet, but from what I got I can be certain that the custom one's will be just as good if not even better!"
    11/19/2018 by Sally ly
  • Dolls2u Custom Bobbleheads Review
    Very Pleased!

    "They works hard and didn't ship until I was happy. I will be ordering one for myself soon."
    12/21/2018 by Mike
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